By Brother Michel Lankford

Have you ever been reading your Bible, and you encountered a Bible promise, and wished to yourself, “Wow! I really wish that this biblical promise was more of the physical reality in my life and my circumstances? Have you ever looked at a Biblical Commandment, and directive, and said, “Man, I can really see that what the Bible is telling us to do here is really good advice. I really wish that I could implement this directive into my life so that I could experience God’s favor and blessing in that area of my walk with God? Have you ever been frustrated because you don’t seem to be experiencing the victories in your life and circumstances that Scripture tells us that we should have a believers?

If you have any kind of thriving relationship with God, I’m 100% certain that you have experienced those thoughts and feelings at some point in your walk with the Lord.

I am not suggesting that this podcast will be a one sized, cure everything solution. At the same time, when I am not experiencing the victories that I would like to be seeing in my life, the principles in this podcast is one of the first places I look, as a normal part of my spiritual checkup.

When I run across a biblical promise I would like to have, I asked the question, “Whose responsibility is it to accomplish this in my life? What is God’s part of the job? What is my part of the job? What might be someone else’s responsibility, if anything?

In short am I fulfilling the Responsibility Principle?

We must never forget that our relationship with YHWH and with Messiah is above all a RELATIONSHIP. It is a hard and fast spiritual law of relationship that every relationship includes a division of responsibilities. That is that each member of any relationship has certain responsibilities that they MUST fulfill if the relationship is to grow and to thrive. There is NO such thing as a genuine thriving relationship between parties, where one party does 100% of the labor, and the other party does 0%. Unless both parties are active participants in the relationship itself, then NO genuine relationship truly exists.

This is one of the reasons that the Free Grace/Ultra Grace/Hyper Grace movement FAILS so miserably when it comes to making successful and overcoming disciples of YHWH Almighty God, and of Jesus Christ. That’s because the whole counterfeit grace theories of these movements assumes that God must take on 100% of all responsibility in our relationship with Him, and we take up 0%. They assume that if we take on any responsibility at all, then we are suffering from a lack of Grace. In reality what they have accomplished, is to make a genuine thriving relationship with God, IMPOSSIBLE.

Please don’t fall for the lie. Please don’t forfeit a growing and thriving relationship with God. Please don’t Neglect the Responsibility Principle.Responsibility Accountability Respectability Credibility

You CANNOT be Effective without these things, and we CANNOT build these things without observing The Responsibility Principle.

Brother Michel Lankford

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