Any time that you see a religious group elevating human beings to the position, to the power and to the authority of God Almighty, that is one of the first signs of the dangerous religious cult. By their own writings and testimonials, they elevate the Pope into the position of God Almighty.

Popes have declared themselves to be God

Bishops and cardinals have declared the Pope to be God

Popes have declared themselves to be infallible

They even claim the right “to remove even the Teachings, the Commandments and the Precepts of Christ. “That makes them COUNTERFIET by any stretch of the imagination.

Catholics claim that Christians are required to obey the Pope, without question, even if the Pope leads them to hell and everlasting torment.

There is no way that this kind of heart attitude is Christian. Only a cult requires your absolute obedience to their leader,  even if it completely devastates you for all eternity. That’s not a church along to Messiah. That is a cult in the utmost.

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