Jesus the Messiah told us that we could recognize whether something is good or bad, righteous or unrighteous by the fruit that it produces, (Matthew 7:15-20). With this in mind we’ve been looking at the different characteristics, or the fruit that are universally identified as being a cult, and we been comparing these fruits or characteristics to the Roman Catholic Church. The central question being, does the Roman Catholic Church fulfill the characteristics and bear the fruit of a cult, or does it fulfill the characteristics and bear the fruit of the legitimate congregation belonging to YHWH Almighty God, and to Jesus Christ.

One of the key fruits or identifiers of a cult is that they like to CHANGE the definitions or the standards established by Almighty God in His Word. If you’re going to be a successful cult leader, one of the first things you must do is allow people to drift away from God’s definitions of key terms, because if people hold fast to God’s and Standards, they will recognize the cult is counterfeit right away, and the called with his leadership would lose their power and authority over their followers lives. They would quickly recognize the counterfeit, and they would not follow those leaders anymore. Therefore, for cult leaders to succeed, it becomes paramount for them to modify or change God’s definitions for key terms, and to forget how God defines those key terms, so that the leadership can get away with doing whatever it wants to do, and still pretend to be godly. That’s why we want to avoid being deceived by the counterfeit, we must compare everything to God’s definitions of key terms.

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