By Brother Michel Lankford

Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is one of the most critical concepts of discipleship both in prayer and in life. Messiah said that when we use His teaching outline to make our prayers, (Matthew 6:5-16); one of the key concepts we should include is to make certain that we hallow the name of (יהוה YHWH) Almighty, the Heavenly Father. Since as disciples our goal is to be a DOER of the Word, and NOT just a hearer only, (James 1:21-25), then it naturally stands to reason that we should know what it means to hallow the Heavenly Father’s Name.

What Does it Mean to Hallow Something?

To, “Hallow,” something, literally means to make something Holy or to maintain something as Holy.

In this case, since the Name of (יהוה YHWH) Almighty, the Heavenly Father is already HOLY, that would mean in context that you are praying that you would MAINTAIN the Holy Name of (יהוה YHWH) Almighty God as Holy.

What Does Holy Mean?

The next logical question of course would be, What Does Holy Mean? Naturally, if you are going to successfully maintain something as Holy, it would be a great idea to understand what Holy actually means.

To be HOLY means to, “Separate out.” In simplified terms Holy means to separate out the good from the bad, or the best from the not as good, until only what is the most useful, the most beneficial and the most pleasing to YHWH remains. In practical terms then, to be Holy AS YHWH is Holy simply means that we choose to separate things out in the SAME Way that YHWH  Separates things out. If YHWH and Messiah says that He Likes something; If YHWH and Messiah says that He praises and  delights in something; we will also likewise choose to delight in, praise and honor that SAME thing the way that YHWH and Messiah does. In the same manner if YHWH and Messiah says that He hates something, or that something is grievous offensive or ABOMINABLE to Him, we will also NOT delight in those things, but we will be repulsed and turn away from the SAME things that YHWH separates Himself from. If YHWH and Messiah unites Himself to something, I want to unite myself to that same thing. If YHWH and Messiah is offended by and separates Himself from something, then I want to separate myself from that SAME thing as well. That is literally what it means to be Holy as YHWH is Holy. By the way… Holiness IS too a salvation issue: Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: (Hebrews 12:14; cf. 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1).


Hebrew strong #6918 (QAEDOSH) literally to be set apart; to separate out for the most noble use.

In the ancient Hebrew word picture it conveys the idea of having the best and most useful part of the wheat after everything else is separated out or left behind; after everything is separated away from the chaff, whatever is best, whatever is most useful, whatever is most productive,  and beneficial,  after all the chaff is removed or separated out; that is holy.


Greek Strong #40 (HAGIOS) literally to be set apart; to separate out for the most noble use.

Literally to be set apart as sacred; to be physically pure and morally blameless. Also, to be religiously and ceremonially separated out or consecrated for special use.

The Practical Implications

As a Practical Real-Life matter, when you pray, “Hollowed be Your Name in the Lord’s Teaching Outline for Prayer, you are praying some pretty critical things. You are basically asking the following things.

May I always keep Your Name (יהוה YHWH) Almighty, Holy and Set Apart as Extra special.

May I always honor especially respect Your Name, and treat it as extra special.

May I always use Your Name (יהוה YHWH) Almighty, in whatever is best, whatever way is most useful, whatever is most productive, and beneficial.

May I never abuse or misuse Your Name, (יהוה YHWH) Almighty.

May I never use Your Name (יהוה YHWH) Almighty in a common or unclean, or impure way.

May I never allow any thoughts to remain in me which would bring any shame or reproach or dishonor to Your Name, Abba (יהוה YHWH) Almighty.

May I never allow any speech the cross my lips which would bring any shame or reproach or dishonor to Your Name, Abba (יהוה YHWH) Almighty.

May I never allow any actions, deeds, behaviors or habits to remain in my life which would bring any shame or reproach or dishonor to Your Name, Abba (יהוה YHWH) Almighty.

May I learn to behave so well and so honorably that people will see my good deeds and be able to glorify my Father Who is in Heaven. May my deeds, actions, behaviors and habits always and only bring glory, honor, and praise to the Name of (יהוה YHWH) Almighty, (e.g. Matthew 5:14-16; Psalm 19:14; 1 Corinthians 10:31; 1 Peter 1:13-16; Philippians 1:27).

May I NEVER bring any dishonor, disrespect, or reproach to Your Name, by the way that I think, by the way I speak, or by the way I behave, (e.g. Isaiah 52:5; Ezekiel 36:20; Ezekiel 36:23; Romans 2:24; Ezekiel 22:26).

May I never be the excuse that someone can point to , and use as an excuse to dishonor and disrespect Your Name.

That’s the real-life implication behind the phrase, “Hollowed be Your Name.”

Brother Michel Lankford

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