By Brother Michel Lankford

Abba (יהוה YAHWEH); have pity upon me according to Your Unfailing Love. I humbly confess to You, that through my own lack of diligence, and through my own lack of vigilance, and through my own self-indulgence, I have in the past opened the door to demonic realms and to demonic activity in my home; by virtue of the things which I have allowed through the various gateways into my soul. 

Through such things as pride, anger, lust, unforgiveness, bitterness, pleasure seeking, entertainments, evil speaking, compromising with sin, New Age, Occult Practices, and various other things, (which I may not even be aware of yet); which Your Word forbids for Your children to do, I have opened the door to the adversary, to oppress myself, and victimize members of my household. 

Abba (יהוה YAHWEH); have mercy upon us. You see the beginning from the end of all things. You see far better than we can. Would you please help us to do a true and progressively thorough spiritual house cleaning.  

Mercifully reveal to us the things which are in our lives and in our household which are forbidden by You in Your Word. Help us to hear and obey Your guidance and direction.  

Mercifully grant us the grace and courage to willingly remove, and forsake anything from our household which attracts demonic activity, and which makes it more difficult for us to fellowship with You, or to obey You. 


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