By Brother Michel Lankford

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Elohim,” (Romans 10:17). 

Abba (יהוה YAHWEH); have pity upon me according to Your Unfailing Love. I humbly confess to You, that through my own lack of diligence, and through my own lack of vigilance, and through my own self-indulgence, I have not always carefully guarded what I allow through my Ear Gates. I have allowed some conversations, some “Humor,” some gossip, some slander, some worldly and ungodly philosophies and ideas to enter through the gateway of my ears, and remain unchallenged.  

In allowing myself to hear and entertain these things, I made it more difficult for myself to believe You, and walk in faith toward You; for faith comes by hearing. Please forgive me, save me, and deliver me. 

Please fill my spiritual and physical ears with Your Words and Precepts. Help me to thoroughly delight in hearing and listening to Your Laws, Commandments, Instructions, and Principles from Your Word, because Your Commandment IS Eternal Life, (John 12:49-50).  

Have pity upon me, and save me Abba YAH! For IF I turn my ears away from listening to Your Laws and Commandments, then even my prayers become an ABOMINATION to You, (Proverbs 28:9). Have pity upon me, and save me, Abba YAH! 

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for myself, prayer is the only way that I truly know how to communicate with You. I DESPERATELY NEED You to truly hear and favorably grant my prayers, and petitions when I pray to You. I personally cannot afford for my prayers to become abhorrent, or abominable in Your Sight. 

So, understanding and believing this concept, I command my will, and I command my physical and spiritual ears to submit yourself to (יהוה YAHWEH). and I command my physical and spiritual ears to incline yourself, and submit yourself to the Torah of יהוה, and to Messiah; and do NOT resist.  

I ask for Your Grace Abba YAH to help me to consistently make decisions, choices, and actions which are truly agreeable and consistent with this choice of my will, to rightly incline my will and to rightly incline my ears always TOWARD Your Torah and the Messiah Whom You have sent; so that You will gladly hear my prayers, even as I incline my ears to listen to Your Words. 


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