Michel Lankford

Abba (יהוה YAHWEH); have pity upon me according to Your Unfailing Love. I humbly confess to You, that through my own lack of diligence, and through my own lack of vigilance, and through my own self-indulgence, I have not always carefully guarded what I allow through the Gateway of my appetites and desires

The truth is that very often, I am unhappy and dissatisfied by MY OWN fault; because my appetites have NOT been in the RIGHT place, and so, You could not rightly satisfy my longings and desires. 

As it is written:  

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

(Matthew 5:6, ESV

Too often I have cared MORE about pursuing and fulfilling my own pleasures, instead of loving and choosing what is pleasing to You, and in some ways I’m now in bondage to my own appetites.  

Very often, I find that my appetites and desires control me, instead of me directing them. I’m now in bondage, and I need deliverance from my flesh, from the ways of the world, and from the adversaries. 

Have mercy upon me, and give me grace to earnestly repent and to more diligently guard the Gateway of my desires and appetites.  

Mercifully grant me the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to die to myself, to pick up my cross, to follow Messiah, and to obey You.  

Grant me supernatural Grace to desire and to choose what is truly pleasing to You, instead of pursuing my own pleasures, (Philippians 2:13).  

Please forgive me, save me, and deliver me from the bondage to my own appetites. 

Help me to develop an ever greater appetite for Your Righteousness, Your Word and Precepts, and for things which will truly produce LIFE, instead of DEATH; so that You can truly satisfy the deepest longings of my heart. 

Thank You for the good things that You do allow me to enjoy in this life, so that my life will not become overwhelmingly burdensome or complete drudgery; but when I enjoy what You provide, help me to do so with love, moderation, and with self-control, according to Your Precepts, so that I do not turn Your blessings into bondage. 


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