By Brother Michel Lankford

Abba (יהוה YAHWEH); have pity upon me according to Your Unfailing Love. I humbly confess to You, that I have often failed to keep in mind that we are at war. Too often I have failed to exercise the diligence and the vigilance that I should have been exercising to protect myself and my household from the spiritual warfare which surrounds us. 

I humbly confess to You, that at least SOME of the weaknesses, some of the trials, some of the temptations and some of the spiritual warfare that I am encountering and experiencing right now is MY OWN FAULT; because I have not been as diligent, or as vigilant in guarding myself and my household, as You have clearly instructed me to be, according to Your Word.  

These are partly MY failures, but I ask You, Abba (יהוה YAHWEH), to have pity upon me and to forgive me.


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