Blessed are Yahweh Almighty One; King of the universe, Who sent Yeshua the Messiah and who gave us the Ruach HaKodesh to sanctify and us, and to set us apart, so that we may walk with You. Have mercy upon me oh YHWH. Save me according to Your unfailing love. I desperately need Your Love, friendship and companionship. I commit and dedicate to You my spirit, my heart, my mind, my will, my desires and all that concerns me. Please apply the precious blood of Your Son Y’hashuah the Messiah and cleanse me of all my sin and iniquity. Please save me to the uttermost in every area of my life and being. Mercifully transform me and fill me to overflowing with Your Love, Righteousness, Peace, Joy and with Your the Ruach. Mercifully grant that I will be completely united with You in Love and fellowship. Grant that I will grow in loving, trusting and obeying You with all my heart, soul, mind and strength today and everyday of my life. Give me grace to truly be a blessing to You and others today and everyday. At the end, grant that having pleased You, I might fully enter Your Eternal Kingdom, Your Eternal Shabbat, and Your Eternal Shalom; and abide in Your Love, blessing and companionship forever. In Christ’s name, Omein
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