Blessed are You, YHWH the Almighty One; Creator of the universe; Who has established that righteousness should be imputed to us by faith. In the beginning humanity had perfect and unbroken fellowship with You, and yet we were deceived by the serpent. We relied on our own understanding. We mistrusted You. And we have disobeyed Your Instructions. And such has been the disease of humanity since Adam and Eve. This has been because of our own human weakness, and NOT because You have done any wrong, but because we are broken. Have pity upon us, O YHWH, have pity upon us. We know, that we ourselves have been deceived in the past. We sincerely believed things that turned out to be FALSE, and we know that there are many in the world who believe things that are clearly false in so many ways, and this can be overwhelming to us. Save us according to Your unfailing love. We admit to you that we can be deceived, and we do not want to be. Oh YHWH, have pity upon us, and save us from all deception delusion and confusion. Please change us and grant us Grace to believe only that which is TRUE. Please save us in the area of our beliefs. Please save us that we will not be deceived either by this sinful world, by our own flesh, or by the adversary and his evil minions, who do the devil’s bidding. Mercifully grant that we will come to only believe that which is true, that which is pleasing to the Creator and that which will ultimately save us, and restore us into excellent fellowship with YHWH, and with the Messiah that You have sent. Abba-YHWH, we believe, help our unbelief. Omein.
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