It is a common FALSE doctrine in today’s modern Christianity that because we enter into salvation by grace through faith in Messiah, that supposedly believers are now, “Free,” to sin; “Free,” to live outside of YHWH Almighty’s Laws Commandments and Instructions written in the Torah. This Law abolition doctrine is incredibly popular, but it is also an EXCEEDINGLY FALSE Doctrine, even if you just truly believe the, “New Testament.” As believers, we are CLEARLY instructed, and commanded, that we should always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have, in case anyone asks, (1 Peter 3:15). While many of us who are Messianics; Hebrew Roots; Whole Testament Believers, (or whatever label you want to use), are incredibly passionate about what we believe and why we believe it, many people who are even willing to listen to our message, often feel like we are forcing them to drink from a fire hose, because while we are incredibly well informed, many of us have NOT learned the art of being BRIEF. This is my attempt to help with some of that. I hope you find it useful. That’s one of the reasons why I learned to make memes; because I wanted to learn how to elegantly defend the faith with accurate information, but still be BRIEF, and memes force you to be brief because you have limited space on the slide. Believers must be able to defend what they believe.

45 Positive New Testament Arguments for KEEPING the Torah of YHWH as a believer in Messiah

What follows are the Bullet Points, (just the Highlights), where I believe that the clear undeniable instructions of the “New Testament,” tells us that believers in Messiah should still KEEP and Honor YHWH’s Laws, Commandments, and Instructions, written in the Torah, wherever possible. Let’s take it one bullet point at a time.I included a bullet-ed list of the top 45 New Testament arguments for KEEPING the Torah of YHWH, even while we maintain faith in the Messiah

  • Even Paul, the so-called apostle of grace, specifically said that ALL Scripture, (which includes the Torah – the first five books of Scripture); is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness so that the people of Elohim will be made perfect and thoroughly equipped to every good work, (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Therefore, even according to Paul, you CANNOT rightly EXCLUDE the Torah from your doctrine, (c.f. Rom 15:4-6; 1 Cor. 10:1-7).
  • According to Messiah the Word of the Elohim IS TRUTH, (John 17:17).
  • According to Scripture, the Torah, [YHWH’s Laws, Commandments and Instructions], IS TRUTH; and it is EVERLASTING truth, (Isaiah 40:8; Psalm 119:89-91; Psalm 119:142; Psalm 119:151; Psalm 119:160; cf. John 17:17).
  • According to the biblical definition of what love is; Love DOES NOT rejoice in iniquity, [i.e. Love does NOT rejoice in breaking Torah]; but love rejoices IN the TRUTH, (1 Corinthians 13:6). Since YHWH’s Torah IS the TRUTH by definition, then if you are REFUSING to REJOICE IN Torah, then you are NOT rejoicing in the truth, and therefore, you are NOT being Loving, even according to the New Testament definition of the term.

If You Truly BELIEVE Messiah’s Words You Would also Keep the Torah

  • Even according to Messiah in the so-called New Testament, those who commit lawlessness [ANOMIA], and those who cause others to stumble into lawlessness, will be CONDEMNED to the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 7:21-23; Matthew 13:41-42; Matthew 24:12-13). They will NOT be saved. If you do a thorough study of the term lawlessness in the New Testament (Greek Strong’s # 458-459); lawlessness clearly means to be anti-Torah; to walk outside of YHWH’s Commandments; 1 John 3:4.
  • Even according to Messiah in the so-called New Testament, we are REQUIRED to DO the FATHER’S WILL, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, (Matthew 7:21). Even according to Paul in the so-called New Testament, YHWH CANNOT deny or contradict Himself (2 Timothy 2:13). So, HOW can you DO the FATHER’S WILL, by breaking the Father’s own Commandments?
  • Even according to Messiah in the so-called New Testament, those who DO the FATHER’S WILL, will be counted as members of Messiah’s family, (Matthew 12:48-50). Once again, we cannot DO the FATHER’S WILL by BREAKING the Father’s Commandments, or by doing the OPPOSITE of what the Father’s Commandments require us to do.
  • Even according to Messiah in the so-called New Testament; the Father’s Commandment IS Eternal Life, (John 12:49-50). Since according to Messiah, the Father’s Commandment is the definition of what Eternal Life is. Therefore, if you claim that the Father’s Commandments were done away with and abolished of the cross, that would mean that by definition, your Eternal Life would also have to be abolished at the cross, right along with the Father’s Commandments. So according to Messiah’s own definition, when we come against the Father’s Commandments, that means that we are also coming against our own Eternal Life at the very same time.
  • Even according to Messiah in the so-called New Testament, those who continually practice sin, [i.e. to live a lifestyle outside of YHWH’s Commandments -1 John 3:4], DO NOT have a PERMANENT place in the Father’s Household, (John 8:34-35). You will no doubt say to me, well, I am set free from sin through Messiah. Well, if you are truly set free from slavery to sin, then by definition you will not continue to sin. You would NOT continue to BREAK YHWH’s Laws, Commandments and Instructions on purpose, and without repenting. If you are continuing to sin without repenting, then you are showing that you are still a slave to sin, and you do not have a permanent place in the Father’s Household, according to Messiah. So we either practice overcoming sin; we either practice overcoming transgressing the Commandments, or we do not have a permanent place in the Father’s Household, according to Messiah. It’s that simple.

Honoring Torah is the ONLY way to AVOID Vain Worship.

To worship in VAIN means that one offers worship to YHWH Almighty which He WILL NOT, or He CANNOT rightly ACCEPT. From YHWH’s Point of View, offering Him VAIN worship is the SAME as if one never truly worshiped YHWH at all. To do something in vain means that it is rendered EMPTY, worthless or meaningless. Anyone who truly loves YHWH will want to worship YHWH in Spirit and in Truth, (John 4:24); and we want to devoutly AVOID worshiping YHWH in VAIN; (Matthew 15:1-9; Mark 7:1-13). It all comes down to do you want to offer worship to YHWH Almighty in spirit and in truth, (which Messiah says He will accept); OR, do you want to offer worship to YHWH Almighty, which Messiah describes to be VAIN and MEANINGLESS worship? Make no mistake. What we choose to DO, and what we choose NOT to DO in worship, IS THAT important. It is either vain worship or it is spirit and truth worship, but it cannot be both at the same time.

Messiah defines and describes what vain worship is in (Matthew 15:1-9; Mark 7:1-13).

  • According to Messiah in the New Testament, IF we treat a commandment which was given by human beings, (not given directly by YHWH), but given by human beings, AS IF it were a doctrine established by the Almighty Creator, when YHWH did NOT give that command, then we are worshiping IN VAIN.
  • According to the Messiah HIMSELF in the New Testament, if we DISOBEY a direct Commandment given by YHWH, but we KEEP commandments given by human beings, then we are offering to YHWH, VAIN and meaningless worship.
  • According to the Messiah HIMSELF, if we LAY ASIDE the Commandments of YHWH Almighty, but we KEEP man made religious traditions while we disobey, what YHWH Commanded, then we are offering to YHWH, VAIN and MEANINGLESS worship. These are Messiah’s definitions, NOT mine.
  • Bottom Line: If a religious tradition or practice HONORS a commandment or doctrine given by MEN, while it causes you to reject, to dishonor, to DISOBEY, or to LAY ASIDE a direct Commandment which was given by YHWH, then that particular religious tradition is VAIN and MEANINGLESS worship, in YHWH’s eyes. So, when you are considering whether or not to practice a particular religious tradition, you should ask yourself some pretty penetrating questions, if your goal is truly to worship YHWH, in spirit and in truth; you really have no choice but to ask these questions, in light of what Messiah said: – WHERE did this religious tradition originate among believers? – WHO Commanded that this religious practice or tradition be practiced by believers? Did YHWH Almighty truly command us to observe this, or was it a man-made command? If YHWH Almighty, truly Commanded that I observe this religious tradition, then WHERE can it be verified in Scripture?
  • Test: If a religious practice or tradition cannot be found to have been Commanded by YHWH Almighty in Scripture, then it was obviously given by human beings. The next question is CRUCIAL. Does this man given, or man-made religious tradition, practice or religious command; does it cause me to ignore, to VIOLATE or to LAY ASIDE, ANY direct Commandment which was specifically given by YHWH Almighty? If it does, then the believers should NEVER practice such a religious tradition again, because it is VAIN worship, according to Messiah.
  • Challenge: I respectfully challenge you to ask yourself some real piercing questions, diligently search it out for yourself, and as you try to answer these questions, really apply MESSIAH’s Vain Worship litmus test in trying to answer these questions. So which of these should a believer honor? – Should a believer honor YHWH’s Sabbath on the 7th day of the week, or on the 1st day of the week?
  • – Should a believer honor Christmas, or should be honor the Feast of Tabernacles? – Should a believer honor Easter, or should I believer honor the feasts of Passover and Unleavened bread?
  • – Should a believer honor Lent, or should we not, according to Messiah’s worship litmus test?
  • – If you are going to pick up or reject any religious practice, you should apply Messiah’s vain worship litmus test before you make your decisions, because it truly is the difference between worshiping in spirit and in truth, and worshiping in vain.
  • FACT: The simple reality is, that if you are NOT actively KEEPING the Commandments which were explicitly given by YHWH Almighty, then you must be keeping religious Commandments and traditions that were given or originated from someone else. In which case you will be keeping Commandments and traditions invented by MEN, which is VAIN WORSHIP according to Messiah. So the only way to avoid vain worship, is to actively keep the Commandments given by YHWH. There is no way to avoid vain worship, except by keeping Torah, according to Messiah’s definition of the term.

Messiah NEVER taught the Law Abolition Doctrine

  • According to the Messiah HIMSELF in the New Testament, if we want to enter into life we must KEEP the Commandments, (Matthew 19:17).
  • I thoroughly believe that those who call themselves believers and followers of Messiah should do their best to practice KEEPING YHWH’s Laws, Commandments and Instructions written in the Torah of YHWH, after being saved by grace through faith in Messiah, because I believe that the Words of MESSIAH are TRUE. Moreover, Messiah NEVER once taught that after His death and resurrection, the Father’s Commandments would be done away with, abolished or removed. Messiah NEVER taught this, either before He died or after His resurrection. The Torah, or Law abolition doctrine is a HUGE change in doctrine faith and practice, and so IF the abolition doctrine WERE a TRUE doctrine, Messiah would have taught it; and especially AFTER He was resurrected. Messiah and never taught that the Law would be abolished, not even after He was raised from the dead.
  • In fact, what Messiah taught was just the opposite. After His resurrection, Messiah specifically Commanded that we should teach people how to OBEY EVERYTHING which He Commanded, (Matthew 28:19-20); and Messiah specifically REQUIRED people to KEEP the Father’s Commandments, (Matthew 5:17-20; Matthew 19:17).

Paul the “Apostle of Grace,” was Also PRO-Torah

  • Paul Testified that he was NOT Against Torah (Acts 24:14; Acts 25:8, 10; Acts 28:17). Now, if Paul was telling the TRUTH, then he COULD NOT have been teaching AGAINST Torah, (because he SAID he wasn’t). If in fact he was teaching against YHWH’s Laws, when he said that he was not; that he would be lying. He would then not be a legitimate apostle if he were a liar, and nothing he said regarding a law would make any difference in that case.
  • Paul Upholds and Confirms the Authority of ALL Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). By his own words, Paul CONFIRMED that the Torah is STILL PROFITABLE, to establish doctrine, to correct us, to reprove us, to instruct us in righteousness, and to equip us for EVERY good work.
  • Paul said that the foundation of the gospel INCLUDES the Torah, (Ephesians 2:20). Paul specifically SAID, that God’s household was built on three things: the foundation of: (a) The apostles; (b) The Prophets; and (c) Jesus Christ. By definition, Moses is a prophet. If the words of Moses and the other prophets have been abolished, done away with, or removed, then the very foundation of the gospel is also undermined by definition.
  • Paul told Gentile born again believers in both Rome and Corinth that the Old Testament was STILL VALID for them (Romans 15:4-6; 1 Corinthians 10:1-7, 11-12). If we forsake the Torah; if we go against what YHWH’s Laws Commandments and Instructions tells us to do, just as Israel did, then we are REPEATING Israel’s mistakes, we are NOT learning to avoid them as Paul said that we should avoid them.
  • Paul clearly said that NOT subjecting ourselves to God’s Law is CARNAL MINDED, (Romans 8:5-8); it’s hostile AGAINST God; it CANNOT PLEASE God, and that such a mindset leads to DEATH. So Paul COULD NOT be teaching that people should not subject themselves to YHWH’s Laws; because he just said that this was carnal minded and leads to death.
  • Paul Exhorted Corinthian Christians That They Were REQUIRED to SEPARATE from Lawlessness; FROM ANOMIA in Order to Be Accepted by YHWH as His Children (2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1) Therefore, walking outside of YHWH’s Laws and Commandments, CANNOT be grace, because he just told us to SEPARATE FROM Lawlessness right here.
  • Paul himself uses the term Lawlessness, (ANOMIA) to describe the ANTICHRIST (2 Thessalonians 2:3, 7, 8) . Since Paul uses the term of walking outside of YHWH’s Laws Commandments and Instructions, to describe the ANTICHRIST; then walking outside of YHWH Laws Commandments and Instructions, CANNOT be what it means to walk in grace at the same time.
  • Paul testified that YHWH Himself will send a strong spirit of delusion and deception upon all those who refuse to accept the truth, (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12). By definition, the truth INCLUDES the Torah, as well as Messiah; (John 14:6; John 17:17; Isaiah 40:8; Psalm 19:7-14; Psalm 119:142; Psalm 119:151; Psalm 119:160). So, if you reject the Torah of YHWH, you are opening yourself up to accepting the delusion and deception which will cause people to accept the ANTICHRIST, and the mark of the beast. Don’t want to believe me? I urge you to study it out diligently for yourself. There’s too much at stake for you to risk it.
  • According to Paul, Yahweh gave us grace through Messiah, to redeem us FROM Every Lawless Deed, Not to Encourage More Lawlessness (Titus 2:11-15).
  • Paul identifies the fact that BEFORE we were saved in Messiah, we were walking in LAWLESSNESS, BUT AFTER we are saved, we should NOT CONTINUE to walk in LAWLESSNESS any longer, (Romans 6:19).
  • Paul clearly says that without the Law, we would not understand when we are sinning, (Romans 7:7-8). That’s because transgressing YHWH’s Laws IS the definition of what it means to sin,(1 John 3:4).
  • Even Paul himself testified that Grace DOES NOT make YHWH’s Law null and void, but grace CONFIRMS the Law, (Romans 3:31).
  • Even Paul himself confirms that we should NOT CONTINUE to sin; (we should not continue to transgress the Law under grace), otherwise we will become slaves to sin, (Romans 6:14-16; cf. Eph. 5:8).
  • Even Paul exhorts us that we should develop and have the SAME MINDSET which was in Messiah, (Philippians 2:5). What was Messiah’s mindset when He was here? What was Messiah’s mindset and attitude toward the Heavenly Father’s Laws, Commandments, and Instructions? Messiah lived in the love of YHWH, by KEEPING His Father’s Commandments, (John 15:10; John 8:29). Messiah hungered and delighted to do the FATHER’S Will, (John 4:34; John 5:30; John 5:36; John 6:38; John 12:49-50 etc.). So HOW can we develop the SAME mindset that Messiah had, if we train ourselves to DESPISE and to REJECT the same Torah that Messiah LOVED and PRACTICED Himself? It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to develop the SAME mindset that Messiah had (Philippians 2:5), if we have the OPPOSITE mindset to YHWH’s Torah then what Messiah had when he was here.
  • Even Paul himself said that everyone who claims to belong to Messiah must practice repentance, and abstain from wickedness (2 Timothy 2:19). There is NO way to repent from or to abstain from wickedness without obeying Torah. It’s not possible. To REPENT literally means to TURN AWAY FROM what YHWH considers to be SIN; (which is to transgress the Torah. To practice wickedness is to violate and transgress YHWH’s Standards,(1 John 3:4; Daniel 9:11; Hosea 8:1). To repent means to forsake sin, and then to RETURN to YHWH, and to His Ways. So how can we RETURN to YHWH and to HIS Ways, without observing Torah? You cannot abstain from wickedness, without honoring YHWH’s Torah Standards; because violating Torah is what wickedness means.
  • Even Paul in the New Testament, specifically said that believers were to be IMITATORS of YHWH as OBEDIENT children, (Ephesians 5:1). Well, HOW do you DO Ephesians 5:1 without honoring YHWH’s Torah? You CANNOT possibly IMITATE the Heavenly Father as an OBEDIENT child, while at the same time you despise, disregard reject and DISOBEY and do the OPPOSITE of the Father’s Commandments and Instructions at the same time.
  • Even Paul in the New Testament specifically warns believing congregations to repent from specific things so that they can avoid the wrath of God that is to come upon the sons of disobedience, (Ephesians 2:1-3; Ephesians 5:1-7; Colossians 3:1-7). If obeying YHWH’s Standards does not matter anymore because we are under Grace, then WHY would Paul bother teaching this to churches into believing congregations?
  • Paul specifically testified about the things which provoke the wrath of God, (Ephesians 2:1-3; Ephesians 5:1-7 Colossians 3:1-7), and what WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of YAH, (1 Corinthians 6:9–10; Galatians 5:19-21). From where did Paul get those ideas? They were ALL based on Torah principles FIRST, before Paul ever wrote about them.
  • The Berans came to believe Paul, AFTER searching the Old Testament daily to see if Paul’s words were true, (Acts 17:10-12). There was no New Testament at the time. So, if Paul was teaching AGAINST the Old Testament, as so many modern Christians claim and believe today, then HOW did the Berans come to believe Paul’s message AFTER searching the Old Testament daily? For more details on this issue, see the article; Will the Berans testify against us?”

Other “New Testament” Evidence for Torah

  • Acts 5:29 clearly tells us that we MUST obey YHWH rather than obeying man. By definition, if you obey the ruling of some Roman Emperor, Roman Catholic Popes, or church councils, but you DISOBEY what YHWH specifically commanded, then you are VIOLATING the clear instructions in the New Testament.
  • Acts 21:20 Clearly tells us that the 1st Century Believers Were ALL zealous FOR the Law. Now, if YHWH’s Laws, Commandments, and His Instructions written in the Torah had been abolished, then why were the first century believers and Messiah ALL zealous FOR the Law? I’ll tell you why; because being zealous FOR YHWH’s Commandments is part of the evidence that you are filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit, (Ezekiel 11:19-20; Ezekiel 36:25-27).
  • The book of James, (actually Jacob) was the FIRST book of the, “New Testament” to be written. James clearly wrote that believers are to be doers of the Word and not only hears. What WORD was he telling them to be DOERS of? The only Scriptures they had was the Old Testament, (James 1:22-25). Notice that James also refers to, “The perfect law of liberty.” Well, those words are a direct reference to the Torah, (Psalm 19:7-14; Psalm 119:45).
  • The book of James clearly says that PURE and undefiled religion which YHWH will ACCEPT is to visit the orphan and the widow in their distress, AND to KEEP oneself UNDEFILED by the world, (James 1:27). So how does one keep oneself UNDEFILED by the world? For one aspect of that, by definition, you CANNOT REJECT the Biblical Festivals of YHWH in Leviticus 23 & Deuteronomy 16, but then turn around and COPY Babylonian Pagan Festival days, traditions, decorations, and customs; such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and the like; and still hope to remain UNDEFILED by the WORLD. That’s where those Babylonian pagan customs were invented; by the world; in the world and for the world. They were NOT invented, Commanded or endorsed by YHWH, or by Messiah anywhere, NOR were they taught, practiced, or endorsed by the first century apostles or believers in Messiah, (cf. Colossians 2:8). You cannot copy the sinful world’s ways of doing things, and still hope to remain undefiled by the world. It’s not possible.
  • Hebrews 13:8 clearly tells us that Messiah is the SAME, yesterday, today, and forever. That means that Messiah was with YHWH Almighty in creation. Messiah was at the right hand of the Majesty when the Torah was handed down from Mount Sinai, (and being one with the Almighty Father, Messiah faithfully AGREED with the Commandments in Torah). When Messiah was here, He lovingly and faithfully OBEYED His Father’s Commandments in the Torah. When Messiah comes again to judge the living and the dead, He will judge according to the Word; Messiah will judge according to Torah. Messiah is the SAME yesterday today and forever. Since he Clearly Agreed with Torah yesterday, Messiah still AGREES with Torah today; and he will continue to AGREE with Torah, all the way through to the New Jerusalem. Do not be deceived. Messiah does not change.
  • We are clearly instructed in the, “New Testament,” that we are to be Holy AS YHWH is Holy, (Matthew 5:48; 1 Peter 1:14-16). To be holy means to set things apart, or to SEPARATE out. To be Holy AS YHWH is Holy, means specifically to separate things out in the SAME WAY that YHWH separates them out. So, how did YHWH separate things out? Well, for a starting point, YHWH clearly SEPARATED Himself from anything having to do with the worship of other so-called gods, so should we. YHWH clearly SEPARATED OUT for Himself, His Sabbath Days, and His Biblical Festival Days. Believers should honor the same. YHWH clearly made separations and distinctions between what His people are to consider to be food, and what is not supposed to be food for us. (cf. Lev. 11:44ff; Lev 19:2; Lev 20:7; Isa. 5:20-24; Isa. 56:1-7; Ezekiel 22:26; Isa. 66:17 etc). When we fail to separate things out in the same way that YHWH separates them out, we are failing to be holy as YHWH is holy, and we are violating 1 Peter 1:14-16). That violates the New Testament, as well as the Old Testament.
  • Messiah said that the definition of Eternal Life, is to KNOW YHWH, and to KNOW Messiah, (John 17:3).
  • 1 John 2:3-5 CLEARLY tells us that the definition of KNOWING Him, is to KEEP His Commandments. So, to “KNOW” YHWH is to KEEP YHWH’s Commandments, and to KNOW the Messiah, we must also KEEP what Messiah Commanded. Moreover, if we claim that we KNOW Him, but we do not KEEP the Commandments, even the New Testament says that we would be a LIAR, and even the New Testament tells us that liars are NOT saved, (Revelation 21:8; Revelation 22:15).
  • 1 John 2:6 Clearly instructs us that if we claim to abide in Messiah, then we must walk, in the SAME MANNER, as Messiah walked. Well, how did Messiah walk when He was here on earth?

Messiah walked by HONORING, Torah, so if we’re going to successfully obey 1 John 2:6, then we to must also practice honoring Torah in the same way that Messiah did when He was here. 1 John 3:22-24; Keeping His Commandments is pleasing in His sight, and it leads to receiving our petitions in prayer. We know that the Greatest Commandment is to Love YHWH with our WHOLE being, and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-40). At the same time, the New Testament clearly tells us that in order to love YHWH Almighty is defined by KEEPING His Commandments, (1 John 5:3). According to the New Testament, in order to love the children of YHWH, I must love YHWH, and I must KEEP His Commandments, (1 John 5:2). So by definition, according to the way that the New Testament defines what it means to love Yahweh and to love your neighbor, one CANNOT obey the Greatest Commandment without trying to keep Torah; because that is how loving YHWH, and loving your neighbor is defined, even in the New Testament. 2 John 6 Clearly tells us that walking in love REQUIRES keeping the Commandments that we have known since the beginning. Revelation 12:17 describes who the saints are which the devil will attack in the last days, those who KEEP the Commandments of God, AND the testimony of Messiah. So, if the adversary is not attacking you in the last days, could that be because your religion and life practices are NOT a THREAT to the adversary, because he’s already got you? Matthew 24:12-13 What was it that Messiah said would cause people’s love to grow cold in the last days? Did Messiah say that it was Law-keeping that would cause people’s love to grow cold in the last days? Where did Messiah specifically say that it was Law BREAKING or LAWLESSNESS that would cause people’s love to wax cold in the last days? Messiah clearly said that it was the increase in LAWLESSNESS; it’s the increase of Torah-lessness, that will cost people’s love to wax cold in the last days, but those who endure to the end will be saved. So keeping the law is not what causes your love to grow cold, but walking in lawlessness causes our love to wax cold. So how can we endure to the end? Revelation 14:12 tells us very clearly how we will persevere as His saints, by keeping the Commandments of YHWH, AND keeping the testimony in the faith of Yahshua the Messiah. Notice that it does not say to keep the commandments of God, OR our faith in Messiah. In order to persevere as His saints, we MUST do BOTH. Revelation 19:15 clearly tells us that the nations of the earth will be judged according to the Word, the sword of the Almighty, (which by definition INCLUDES Torah). So if the Torah has been abolished, then why is it being used to judge the nations on the last day?

This is by NO MEANS an exhaustive list of the New Testament confirmations that believers should KEEP the Torah of YHWH. I limited myself to the top 45 positive arguments for KEEPING Torah as believers, but there are some who have listed as many as 200 or more. I purposely limited myself to the most reasonable understandable, and least ambiguous passages I could find, in order to try to avoid confusion. The point is, that the Weight of Biblical Evidence CLEARLY SUPPORTS the idea that believers should practice KEEPING the Commandments of YHWH, after coming into salvation by grace through faith in Messiah. Whether or not Christians want to admit it, when we discount, reject and disobey the Torah of YHWH, we are also VIOLATING the NEW TESTAMENT, just as much as we are VIOLATING the Old Testament.You cannot faithfully keep the New Testament, unless you practice obeying the Torah of YHWH as well. I urge you to search are carefully and diligently into what you believe in what you practice and that you will seek to please YHWH, and not just satisfy yourself.

Brother R Michel Robert Michel Lankford