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Can We Sin and Think that We are Not Sinning?

By brother Michel Lankford Yes, this happens a lot. Do Not Ignore Messiah’s Warnings Jesus said that this would happen to MANY people. They will be confronted by their great error on the future Day of Judgment (see Matthew 7:21-23). So, how do people who think they are living righteously actually end up living in sin and lawlessness, and end up promoting sin and lawlessness to other people? That’s crucial to know because we don’t want to end up in this group of people on Judgment Day. The reason that this will happen to so many “Christian Believers,” is because Read more…

What are You Giving Up for Lent?

I receive many Bible related questions in emails and forums. Since I try to take everything is a teachable moment for myself and for others, to remind us of godly principles, I answered the question, "What are you giving up for Lent?" As follows… In simple terms, I gave up Lent, and here's why.

Is It Curiosity or Gossip?

By Brother Michel Lankford Question: Is asking about someone out of curiosity still gossip and still a sin? Everything first hinges upon answering the “WHAT,” the “WHY,” and the “HOW,” of any situation. It is the true answer to those questions that ultimately determine whether or not you are sinning. First, always make sure that when you are asking about an issue of theological importance, (such as, “is this a sin?“); You are ALWAYS defining your key terms the same way that God defines things in His Word. Remember, changing God’s Definitions for things is a sin, for certain (Isaiah Read more…